The Journey at Completion!

My Journey of the Season of KDE has remained a memorable ride with high learning experience. So far, with many highs & lows of my performances in completion of tasks, what made me finally write a success story here, are the valuable efforts of my mentors, Bharat M.S, Bruno Coudoin and Johnny Jazeix. It has always been a worthy and appreciable aid from them, all through my four months of programme.

The journey began with a high level of enthusiasm, with immense motivation in the mind, to learn what is needed to excel in this field. The task, I was allotted, was to create an activity of ‘Exploring Monuments’. The outlined information regarding my code of work, was to make the user learn about the Physical Map Locations of some famous Monuments of the world having their own historical values and importance. The work at backend was to assure the detailed display of information of the monuments to enhance the choicest selection of monument to learn about.

Screenshot from 2016-03-12 20:51:28.png

The second activity described the intellectual test of the user to understand and analyse the classification of objects based on their shapes and sizes. The work dealt with proper organised coding task to showcase a user-friendly front-end. All the tasks, were somehow completed with management of time and devotion towards the job.


Though I’ve driven till the end of race, but the process of learning shall never have the final end. I shall continue to learn and explore and enhance my skills in this and related fields, so as to make my work, present a bigger and better success story.



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